The enterprise

KUBUS, SA is a leader company in pigs Artificial Insemination Technique (AI) based in the capital of Spain since 1986 and has been exporting its products to more than 40 countries worldwide since the foundation and with around a 12.5 % of semen extenders market share and growing.

Market niche: Swine reproduction.

Core Business: Animal Artificial Insemination, A.I. boar stations. Technology in boar and sow assisted reproduction, products & services.




KUBUS has special facilities were it is manufactured with the best hygiene guaranties the broad range of boar semen extenders assuring the highest quality. Another department are the consumables and equipment required for the artificial insemination technique (A.I.) in pigs, were in KUBUS they have all our certification of appropriate for the technique.


KUBUS is well known for its high quality extenders for semen preservation, with a range from short, mid and long term. Our brands: MR-A® long term, MRA 3® midterm and modified BTS short term.

As per its core business, KUBUS have beside the semen extenders a wide range of A.I. in pigs products, such as:

  • Consumables: catheters (spiral, foam tip) for conventional and post-cervical (intrauterine AI), semen tubes, bottles, collection filters, etc.
  • Equipment for all the process of semen, from collection, passing trough evaluation to application.
  • A.I. Boar stations design and layout.
  • On farm A.I. set up and monitoring.

Since the beginning, KUBUS has develop suitable technologies to improve fertility results with long term preservation and improvement of fertility results with short – mid term in rough conditions of transportation and environmental conditions. KUBUS is the only Company in the world that has developed a unique product: brand name Predil MRA® (synthetic seminal plasma) that has proven its effectiveness to increase fertility and litter size in gilts and sows.

Our sales show the world truts in Kubus quality:

  1. Semen preservation extenders for A.I. in pigs: 382.490.995 litres sold
  2. Disposable catheters for A.I. n pigs: 9.018.908.500 units sold