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    Quality control

    ISO Quality Control  

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    Save Payment

    In www.kubus-sa.com we

    En www.kubuscan.com, we strive to ensure the security of your payments:

    Modes of payment:

    • Bank Transfer.
    • Payment by credit card and debit cards: Visa, MasterCard
    • PayPal

    All pages are related to payment under a secure environment (https://). No bank data and bank cards information are stored.
    For more information please contact us via email or telephone.

  • Shipping Service

    All orders over 300€ (before tax) will be free of transportation charges inside the Iberian Peninsula.

    Please at the reception, check the number of packages and their status. If you find any problems, let it know in the delivery note of the transportation company. The carrier is responsible for the number of packages and the arrival state. If there is no stock we will inform you as soon as possible the availability date. You can choose the type of transport service:  Express or Standard.

    For spanish national express transportation: Delivery in 24 hours. (Orders received before 11:00 am and dependent on stock). Standard transportation: Delivery in approximately 10 business days.

    We recommend to place orders in advance.

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    Customized Attention

    If you do not see on our site any product you need, please contact us by email or by phone. We make every effort to get what you need effort. In addition, if you require any special time or date specific delivery, etc, please let us know, we are at your disposal to adapt as far as possible to your needs.

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    Reproduction Advice

    The Kubus team of veterinarians technicians and trained professionals are to your dispose to answer questions any question related to the artificial insemination technique, neonatal care, etc.
    We teach individually or in groups, as well we train people working on farms. Do not hesitate to contact us for advice.


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    Neonatology is the medical care for newborns. The principal neonatologists patients are newborns who are ill or require special care because they are premature or underweight.  With a range of cares and with the help of specialized equipment, the viability of these weak newborns is possible. The intensive care unit creates a stable environment with perfect temperature and humidity that allows the immune system to focus on the recovery.

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    Semen analysis

    At Las Rozas de Madrid is located our specialized in semen analysis laboratory. If you want to analyze a seminal dose you can:

    • Arrange an appointment by calling (+34)916360268 or emailing to kubus@kubus-as.com.

    We send by email the outcome of the analysis. For a veterinary certificate, do not hesitate to ask.

  • Innovation

    Kubus bets on new reproductive technology to improve the customer experience of products and services related to reproduction and animal production.
    Embarking on CDTIs and several other research projects, we offer ourselves as collaborating partners so that together we push forward animal biotechnology.

  • Trust since 1986

    Kubus SA, since 1986, specializes in animal breeding techniques, with a network of distributors and reference customers worldwide.
    Our multilingual staff of veterinarians and biologists train and advise our clients in the techniques of artificial insemination, frozen semen, embryo transfer and in the design and management of insemination centers and laboratories.
    And to make this relationship we have set the website as a tool, formatted journal, where you can find everything about our products and services, technical and training articles, while being able to make online inquiries of all kinds request quotes and order.