Multiparous Sponge Catheter – With Backside

Ref. 8500

Technical Data

  • Swine Artificial Insemination Catheter. The latest in traditional and intrauterine insemination

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  • Sponge catheter for multiparous women
  • The sponge tip fits naturally into the sow’s cervix in such a way that it allows free passage of the seminal dose and at the same time prevents seminal reflux.
  • Kubus catheters are manufactured with the purest polymers guaranteeing their quality.
  • All our catheters are designed with a universal back, which adapts to any type of seminal dose container (tube, bottle or blister).
  • The backside includes a plug that prevents the entry of microorganisms at the end of insemination.
  • Catheter used for artificial insemination with cervical deposition.
  • We have formats with mounted cannula for intrauterine insemination.

Shipping Format

  • 1×500
  • Box dimensions: 59x46x24 cm
  • Weight of the box: 5,80 kg
  • Pallet: 32 boxes Sizes: 120x80x195 cm

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1×1, 1×5