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At Kubus we are committed to new breeding technologies that improve the consumer’s experience of products and services related to animal breeding and production.

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The most sophisticated blister machine on the market.

W3 Wireless ultrasound scanner

Comfort, image, precision

CASA | OCSA System

Artificial Intelligence in your CIA for semen analysis.

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July 5, 2021

R&D&I CDTI Kubus

Improvement of the competitiveness of the rabbit sector through the development of a new system and product for artificial insemination.Within Kubus' research projects, it is worth mentioning the R&D&I CDTI:…
July 5, 2021

Biosafety guidelines for swine insemination centers by ANPSTAND

Spain is one of the leading countries in swine production and therefore must remain at the forefront. ANPSTAND is an Operational Group that is integrated by experts operating in the…
July 5, 2021

KUBUS donated diluent to different Artificial Insemination Centers in Spain.

KUBUS, the pioneer in the manufacture of swine diluents, continues to be at the forefront and to collaborate in research projects. KUBUS recently donated diluent to different Artificial Insemination Centers…

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