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KUBUS: Turning Visions into Reality through Innovation and Excellence. We are manufacturers of technologies for Artificial Animal Insemination, designed to enhance productivity and streamline the work of operators at Insemination Centers and on Farms.

Quality and Excellence

In our pursuit of excellence, we automate each of your processes.We produce exceptional extenders that stand out in the market,meticulously designed to optimize productive outcomes. Our ultrasound scanners incorporate the most advanced ultrasound technology available. And when it comes to packaging, our packaging machines and QS bags are tailored to suit your specific requirements..
We guarantee you that every facet of your insemination process adheres to the highest quality standards.

The future of insemination has arrived, and we are steadfastly dedicated to leading the way withinnovation, unwavering commitment, and products that truly make a difference.


Management and Automation of Insemination Centers

Boar Stud Manager is the most complete solution on the market for resource management, data analysis and machine connectivity, thereby optimizing the performance of AI Centers. Thanks to its seamless synchronization with all laboratory equipment, it facilitates complete traceability and expedites the elaboration of seminal doses.


OnCloud Computerized Semen Analysis KUBUS CASA System

OCSA which stands for OnCloud Computerized Semen Analysis is KUBUS’ Computerized Semen Analysis (CASA) System, which objectively, rapidly, and dependably evaluates sperm quality. It comprehensively analyzes relevant factors including concentration, motility, progressivity, agglutination, and morphology.

Furthermore, OCSA enables the monitoring of boar quality and facilitates the swift determination of the necessary extender amount to be added to an ejaculate for the optimum preparation of seminal doses.

KUBUS Extenders

KUBUS is at the forefront of the Artificial Insemination industry, driven by an unwavering commitment to excellence. We are pioneers in the development and enhancement of cutting-edge extenders designed for the optimal preservation of semen, meticulously adhering to GMP quality standards. Our product lineup, featuring MR-A®, MR-A®Antiox, Predil®MR-A®, and Sperm Guardian®, exemplifies innovation at its finest, crafted to excel in various scenarios.

Our dedication to innovation ensures that we consistently introduce disruptive solutions, allowing us to meet even the most exacting market requirements.

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Introducing the trilogy of MKS Pro, W3, and Fatscan ultrasound innovations!

This trio of ultrasound scanners provides a comprehensive array of solutions for your evaluation and diagnostic requirements. Enhance your practice with the state-of-the-art technology and outstanding performance offered by KUBUS Ultrasound Scanners!


The MKS Pro ultrasound scanner is meticulously crafted for precise reproductive assessment, dorsal fat evaluation, and muscle depth analysis.

Equipped with a diverse range of ultrasound probes, including Microconvex, convex, linear, and rectal options, the MKS Pro allows for the exceptional visualization of ovarian structures with remarkable definition. It also facilitates the evaluation of the estrous cycle and the acquisition of obstetric measurements.”

W3 & W4

The W3 and W4 ultrasound scanners represent high-quality wireless sectorial ultrasound probes that seamlessly connect to your smartphone or tablet.

The W4 ultrasound scanner goes a step further by incorporating an electronic ear tag reader for streamlined animal identification directly on the tablet.

Being wireless, they greatly simplify your work and mobility between animals, eliminating the common issue of cable damage, a leading cause of ultrasound scanner breakages on farms.

Additionally, these scanners generate reports in Excel format for convenient record-keeping.


Our dedicated ultrasound scanner for precise dorsal fat measurement and visualization of loin marbling.

Crafted with a focus on accuracy and measurement efficiency, whether you are engaged in swine or cattle breeding, our team is committed to providing you with the essential support you need.


Automatic Blister Packing Machine

The QS1000, an automatic blister packing machine, is designed to efficiently package 1000 semen doses per hour, proudly manufactured entirely by KUBUS.

  • With a simple touch of the screen, it performs precise cuts, fills, seals, and labels semen doses.
  • Its sleek and crevice-free design prevents dirt accumulation, ensuring easy, swift, and straightforward cleaning.
  • This machine offers configurable printing, allowing users to design label content to suit their specific requirements, including logos, additional text, and more.
  • Changing the filling tube is a breeze, taking only seconds and without the hassle of screws.
  • It’s also equipped with a QR code reader for the automatic input of ejaculate information.

For seamless traceability, the QS1000 connects directly to BSM®, preserving the integrity of your work.


Semi-Automatic Blister Packing Machine

The QS500, a semi-automatic blister packing machine, has the capacity to fil 500 semen doses per hour. It is proudly crafted by KUBUS and offers a streamlined packaging process when back-to-back labeling is not required.

  • With a simple touch on the screen, it efficiently executes precise cuts, fills, and seals for semen doses.
  • Its clean and crevice-free design prevents dirt accumulation, ensuring effortless and rapid cleaning.
  • Tube replacement is a breeze with the QS500, taking only seconds and eliminating the need for cumbersome screws.

QS Handy

Manual Blister Packing Machine

The QS Handy is carefully crafted for efficiently, cleanly, economically, and highly effectively packaging small quantities of semen blisters.

This machine adeptly seals 4 blisters simultaneously, ideally suited for pre-cut blisters.

Very easy to use: Position the jar containing the ejaculate on the upper shelf, utilize the clamp to open and close the tube, which features a tip to minimize dripping while filling the blisters.

Blister QS Bag

Sperm-Friendly Plastic

Crafted from premium pure PE, our Blister QS Bags are produced with 100% sperm-friendly plastic. The KUBUS quality control department meticulously monitors material traceability, from its raw material source to shipment to the customer.

Personalized Label

The label affixed to the QS Bag, directly printed by our QS 1000 packaging machines or our labeling equipment, is entirely customizable, enabling your company to convey an exclusive image to your end customers.

750 Bags per Reel

Each reel contains an ample supply of 750 QS Bags, ensuring a swift work pace and production efficiency, while minimizing waste in the process.


Our bottles stand out as the finest on the market, thanks to their pure and pliable material that enables you to extract every remaining drop.

These bottles come in both cylindrical and cubic shapes, with options of 90ml and 45ml capacities.


Insemination Tube – Easy Open Flexible Tip 90ml

Our tubes, designed for the preparation and preservation of porcine seminal doses, are crafted from LDPE (Low-density polyethylene) plastic and feature a 90ml capacity.

These tubes are composed of sperm-friendly, non-spermicidal plastic, and boast an easy-open tip design that eliminates the need for cutting.



Altrenogest is an orally active progestogen with actions akin to those of natural progesterone. It effectively suppresses estrus in females.
Treatment with Altrenogest aids in the regulation of the sow’s estrous cycle, enabling enhanced control over ovulation and leading to an improved conception rate.

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Rabbit semen extender that contains a GnRH analog.

Within its composition, it includes a synthetic polypeptide (Alarelin acetate) known to induce ovulation in receptive breeding rabbits when administered alongside the seminal dose. This innovative approach allows for a single-step insemination process, eliminating the necessity for prior intramuscular injections of synthetic GnRH analogs before artificial insemination.

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