Sperm Guardian

Ref. 0100-0001


Technical Data

Semen protector for the time of harvesting
Contains antiagglutinants, vitamins, antimicrobial agents, antioxidants

  • 1 L
  • 50 L
  • 100 L

SPERM GUARDIAN is a protective medium specially designed for the collection of porcine semen. It is formulated with a careful selection of antimicrobial, antioxidantand anti-agglutinating substances.

SPERM GUARDIAN prepares the spermatozoa for the dilution, storage and transport processes, achieving a longer and more efficient preservation of the most problematic ejaculates.

Pre-dilution of semen with SPERM GUARDIAN protects spermatozoa by:

  • Regulation of functional processes.
  • Protection of cellular structures.
  • Vitality booster.


Because ejaculate collection is performed in a contaminated environment and involves thermal and biochemical changes that can alter the structure and functionality of the spermatozoa, resulting in increased agglutination and decreased motility.

The ejaculates usually contain bacteria from the secretions of the accessory glands, the vas deferens and mainly from the preputial sac of the boar. During the ejaculate collection and processing process, it is very common to contaminate the semen with environmental microorganisms, since we do not work in a sterile environment.


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1 L, 50 L, 100 L