W3 Wireless Ultrasound Scanner

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Technical Data

Wireless ultrasound probe for gestation diagnosis and back fat measurement. Avoid cumbersome cable during farm work. Indicated for reproductive diagnosis in swine, sheep and goats.


W3 Wireless Ultrasound Scanner

The W3 wireless ultrasound is a high quality ultrasound system that can be connected to a Smartphone or Tablet PC. It offers high quality images as it has an ultrasound transducer improved over decades of experience and innovation for the generation of this type of images. Without cables, which facilitates the work and the movement between animals, avoiding cable pulls, the most common cause of breakage of ultrasound scanners on farms.

Manual W3

Applications in Farm


  • Diagnosis of early gestation.
  • Detection of gilts or gilts in puberty
  • Measurement of backfat
  • Muscle measurement
  • Pathologic diagnosis

High quality materials

Available on Tablet or Mobile

State-of-the-art ultrasound ultrasound scanner, app-based, transducers connect via wifi to smart mobile devices (Android) Available on Tablet or Smartphone.

  • Reduces NPD (Non Productive Days) and allows accurate diagnosis of pregnancy and clinical cases.
  • Very light and comfortable to use by a single person
  • Easy to clean and resistant to farm work
  • Simplifica la gestión de trazabilidad, generando imagen y vídeo
  • It allows you to add or delete comments, generate a report, export it, send it by mail or print it.

Intuitive and User-Friendly Interface

  1. KUBUS logo
  2. Gain Scale Bar
  3. Freeze button
  4. Configuration
  5. Export Data
  6. Save Image
  7. Save Video
  8. Play /Pause button
  9. Image Advance Bar
  10. Color Modifier
  11. Image area
  12. Time, Depth and Gain Indicator

Characteristics of Equipments

  • Imaging Device Monitor or Smart phone (Android)
  • Type of Probe 80° Sector Probe
  • Work Frequency 3.5 MHz
  • Scanner Depth 100 – 180 mm
  • Viewing Mode B
  • Grayscale 256
  • Battery life > 3 hours
  • Dimensions 140mm x 45mm x 40mm
  • Weight < 0,2 Kg


The equipment allows you to generate ultrasound analysis reports. Saving images, videos, comments as well as all basic patient information. The system allows generating reports in PDF and Excel. As well as transferring or sending them in a conventional way. Either by USB, by mail or any mobile application for sending messages, images and documents.

W3 scanners, with enhanced image quality, premium probe technology and advanced beamforming, with dedicated animal presets, are designed to provide reliable imaging for small, medium and large animals, providing more diagnostic confidence.

Additional information

Tipo Sonda

Convex, Linear, Microconvex, Rectal

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